• silver jewellery inspiration

  • silver jewellery inspiration


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    Patrizia Litty believes that fashion photography & silver jewellery design are a combination made in heaven, here is why:

    I am a real fan of good fashion photography, the fantasy, the extreme styling of  the character, the playfulness, all of it is inspiring me to design and particularly to design in silver. Silver jewellery so suits this dramatic, contemporary storytelling. As I indulge  the photography, I get the urge to design silver jewellery for the woman in the image…

    Jewellery is the ultimate adornment, missing in most fashion photography or a last minute add on which creates the drive in me to adorn the woman in the photo with stunning pieces that will not only enhance but complete her style.  Jewellery is photographed separately as an isolated object, decorated around other objects, missing the importance of the interconnectedness with the female body. Jewellery needs skin & skin needs jewellery!”