birthstone for august


from Arizona & Pakistan


The Birthstone of August is Peridot; this vivid green gemstone in all its tones from an earthy olive to bright grass green perfectly represents the month of August which sits at the changing of the seasons.

In the Southern Hemisphere spring is just around the corner with new shoots and vibrant green leaves and in the North, August holds the last golden days of summer.

Peridots are believed to represent new beginnings and give courage to anyone wearing Peridot jewellery

The history of Peridots

Throughout history Peridot gemstones have always been well loved from the ancient Arab world with their abundant mines around the Red Sea, where Peridots played such an important role on their trade routes that the name Peridot is formed from the Arabic word for gemstone.

To the Baroque period in 18th century Europe, this was a time of bold and extravagant design in art, architecture and jewellery. Dazzling gold settings on rings, pendants, brooches and bangles were created to contrast with the lively green gemstones, a combination in designer jewellery that is still in demand today.

The meaning of Peridots

Peridots have been discovered all over the world from South Africa to Russia, from Brazil to Burma and many places in between. Peridots are said to inspire clear calm communication in relationships and happiness in oneself. Wearing Peridot jewellery is believed to help in the search for lost items and improving the memory.

Peridots have always been popular gemstones, loved for their colour and treasured for everything they have come to represent from building courage, releasing stress and creating happiness. Radiating their friendly energy Peridots invite us to enjoy life and each season to the fullest.

Perdiots @ ANPA Jewellery

we are very much in love with this gem whether it comes from the East or America, slightly different shades of green, depending on the mine. We generally stock a variety of silver or silver-gold jewellery pieces in both our boutiques. We always aim to source eye clean stones which is a real challenge when it comes to large specimens. There are very special, loose peridots in our gemstone collection in Kalk Bay which can be worked in any custom order design or be purchased as is. Please contact us if you need further details.