Toumaline @ ANPA

Most tourmalines that we work with come from African countries like Namibia or Madagascar. There is no other gemstone that occurs in such an incredible variety of colours. According to legend, tourmaline on its trip up from the centre of the earth, passed over a rainbow, absorbing all its colours. There are at least 27 different shades and 11 of those carrying their own names such as paraiba, chrome, rubellite, indicolite just to name a few. Our most favourite variety is called bi-color or watermelon which shows 2 or more colours in one gem, mostly pink & green. But we also cherish the dark pink rubellite or blue-green indicolite. We have a selection of loose tourmaline gems at our studio in Kalk Bay that are waiting to be placed in a beautiful bespoke design, we also carry a collection of ready made silver jewellery with the gems in both our boutiques.

The Mystery of Tourmaline

Some attribute tourmalines with magical powers that can enhance a love relationship or friendship, whether this is true or not, these gems definitely hold a great fascination for most people. Black tourmalines are also called the "gem watchdogs" and guard your personal energy as well as protect the safety of your living space. Next to opal it is the birthstone for October and the zodiac sign of libra and the accepted gem for the 8th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine @ ANPA

Being Patrizia Litty's favourite gemstone, you can find a beautiful selection of high end, loose aquamarines at the Kalk Bay boutique; Andreas Betzold will assist you to find the perfect design to set the gem. Most of our aquamarines come from African countries, i.e. Namibia, Zambia & Madagascar. Both stores offer a small selection of ready made silver jewellery with aquamarine. We have created a small range of silver jewellery with the famous "Santa Maria Afrikana" colour variation (a deep blue, fascinating shade) of aquamarine but also stock designs with larger cabochons. Please be aware that many of our pieces are limited editions or unique items.

The ocean in a gemstone

Aquamarine is a blue or blue-green variety of beryl with a hardness of 7.5 to 8, compared to diamonds which are a 10 hardness, these gemstones can be considered for engagement ring designs. History records its first use in Greece. Its name, derived from the Latin meaning "water of the sea" is an apt description of the colour and clarity of fine aquamarines. In ancient lore, aquamarine was believed to be a treasure of mermaids, and it was used as a talisman to bring good luck.

Aquamarine - stone of eternal youth & happiness

Definitely one of the bigger wonders of the mineral kingdom. Aquamarine is considered to hold extensive healing qualities. They are calming and cooling, whether the problem is hot flushes or an angry temper. Aquamarines are connected with the water element - their energy is as refreshing as a shower under a cool waterfall, it cleanses the physical as well as emotional body. Aquamarine emits a gentle and compassionate energy, helping judgmental people to be more tolerant. Aquamarine is one of the birthstones for March, symbolizing courage and guards the Zodiac sign Scorpio.

Demantoid @ ANPA

Being Andreas Betzold's favourite gemstone, you can find a beautiful selection of high end, loose demantoids at the Kalk Bay boutique; Andreas Betzold will assist you to find the perfect design to set the gem. All our demantoids come from Namibia.

Diamond like gem

Demantoid is a rare and beautiful bright grass green variety of andradite family of garnets. It appears to have first been discovered around 1892 in the Bobrovka area of Russia. The Bobrovka is a small tributary of the River Tschussowaja in the Sissersk region on the western side of the Ural Mountains. It was at first thought to be emerald, which is found nearby, and has been erroneously called "Uralian emerald". The demantoid is one of the most brilliant gemstones that exist, yet until recently it was little known except among collectors and gemstone lovers. Not without reason does it bear a name which means 'diamond-like', with dispersion greater than that of diamond. The name comes from the Dutch and makes reference to the outstanding quality of this gem, its incomparable brilliance and fire. Stones with more intense green coloration are generally highly valued, but lighter stones of yellowish green display substantially more fire. The choice of stone color or fire can therefore be a matter of personal preference, with some preferring the more yellowish-green stones to the green stones.


Black diamonds completely contradict the innate attraction of diamonds. White diamonds, transparent, endlessly faceted, sparkling, are "a girl's best friend", for sure. Black Diamonds express confidence, individuality & a grown up style, hence they are "a WOMAN'S best friend. The smooth, reflective surface of black diamonds compared to their white counter parts are deep, powerful & exude a knowing sensuality. Ives St Laurent's inspiration to create the "Black Opium" scent must have been black diamonds...


Both are on the market. There are colour enhanced black diamonds on the market at extremely low prices but the stability of the colour remains an endless discussion amongst jewellers. Natural  fancy black diamonds and colorless diamonds are almost exactly the same except for the fact that the black color is produced by the inclusion of graphite in the crystalline structure during the diamond's formation, before the kimberlite deposits reached the Earth's surface. Black diamonds @ ANPA are always certified to create peace of mind that a true natural black diamond is present in the jewellery design.

black diamond