“The jewellery collection is the result of a 17 year design collaboration which reflects our passion for gemstones and a love for the unique and unusual.”

Andreas Betzold & Patrizia Litty commenced their creative jewellery design journey 15 years ago when they opened their flagship boutique in Kalk Bay which was extended over the years to include a workshop and bespoke design studio.

Andreas Betzold founded the jewellery design company resulting from a lifelong passion for gemstones and the wish to design jewellery around them that would underline the exceptional brilliance and beauty of the gems that so captivated him.

“My father took me on walks through the desert and showed me specimens or pointed out small gems. My love for all things glittering was born right there in that vast and beautiful Namibian landscape.”

Inspired by his rich African cultural background, Andreas Betzold is infused with a German character that forms the basis of his design approach; high quality, technically flawless designs combined with a contemporary, European flavoured aesthetic.

Patrizia Litty was quickly inspired by the passion of her life partner and coming from a graphic design and fine art background, found the transition into designing jewellery both exhilarating and fascinating.

I always considered colours & shapes the essence of my life path which I have always followed, whether in fine art or jewellery design”.

Patrizia Litty neglects prescribed concepts of jewellery design to create free flowing pieces that capture the essence of the materials she works with. Her gusto for combining colourful gems, mixing precious metals and unusual materials such as leather & feathers evoke a sense of abundance and “joie de vivre” that keeps individuality close at heart.

Both are vivacious personalities, grounded in the African continent with a love of the finer things in life, an eye for beauty, appreciation of the arts, and a spirit of adventure which takes them to remote places  in their quest for beautiful and rare gemstones.



“Africa inspires our work & fascinates us deeply. We are very thankful to call this continent our home. Our hearts beat for the Cape in particular, and our tummies belong to the fabulous wines and food that come from here.”



“we both practise yoga since many years. It is an amazing discipline that invigorates and relaxes us at the same time. It keeps us rooted when our heads float in the creative space of designing.”



“we are serious tree huggers, no doubt, we specially enjoy structured trees such as Frangipanis and of course the beautiful Oak trees of the winelands. And yes we have planted too many trees in our tiny  garden…”



“Andreas is a passionate surfer since his childhood; how else would he be prepared to conquer the Cape’s icy cold and wild oceans on as many occasions as possible?”