based in Cape Town, South Africa or better in the Cape Town Metropolitan area or to be precise in the beautiful fishing village of Kalk Bay, South of Cape Town as well as in the cape winelands or to be precise in Franschhoek.

The Kalk Bay boutique shows a wonderful selection of jewellery and is also home to the in-house smithing workshop as well as the bespoke design studio.

The Franschhoek gallery displays a just as impressive collection  but introduces a different experience, combining jewellery design with fine art and other design disciplines.




a small but beautiful selection of jewellery with this exceptional gemstone.

Topaz is considered a sacred stone in Southern Africa and is revered amongst nomadic tribes for its healing and spiritual properties. Topaz is found in many African countries from Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria to Madagascar.




The jewellery collection is the result of a 15 year design collaboration between Andreas Betzold & Patrizia Litty. “It reflects our passion for gemstones and a love for the unique and unusual. Our jewellery is of the highest of standards both hand wrought and cast. We work with rare and classic gemstones that we source from Southern Africa as well as worldwide.”

“We enjoy combining different metals such as 24ct gold or 18ct rose gold with sterling silver. We extended our “collage theme” to include different materials such as African blackwood, exotic leather, silk and even peacock feathers. The collection comprises unique or limited edition pieces only, often featuring one of a kind gemstones.”


ANPA offers a highly specialized, one on one bespoke jewellery service, these jewellery designs  are mainly created in gold or platinum with classic gems such as diamonds, sapphires or tanzanites but ANPA also enjoys working with less known precious gems such as demantoids or tsavorites. The choice is made by the client. ANPA sources any gems required, assists, designs, consults and ultimately creates this special, unique piece of jewellery for you. Most of the bespoke pieces that leave the workshop are engagement rings & wedding bands, created according to your wishes or designed for you.




or the japanese art of making swords adapted to jewellery design. Mokume Gane is a technique that works with layers of differently colored metals that are transformed into organic patterns with a distinct wood grain feel.
The resulting jewellery is unique, handcrafted and of high quality hence a great option for engagement rings & wedding bands or a special statement piece.

Very few jewellers world wide still possess the skills to create this highly specialized jewellery. ANPA offers a small selection in both boutiques but mainly custom makes jewellery in this technique.


At ANPA jewellery design, we mostly work with African emeralds, predominantly from Zambia & Zimbabwe.

The main difference is a slight variation in colour. African emeralds show bluish undertones. Most interestingly, they often show less inclusions than their South American “sisters”.

The name emerald comes from the Greek word smaragdos and translates to “green stone”,

emeralds from Africa

Emeralds are part of the beryl gemstone family along with the blue aquamarines, pink morganites and yellow heliodors; it is the element chrome that gives emerald its precious colour. The colour of emeralds is so unique that it is literally called ”emerald green” as it cannot be compared to any other shade of green or green gemstone.

Emeralds are gemstones which are loved and revered all over the world. They have a rich history stretching further back then Cleopatra’s emerald mines in Egypt, which some Archaeologists believe were mined before 2,000 BC. Emeralds were also discovered high up in the Andes Mountains long before the Spanish conquistadors arrived in South America in the 1500’s

Emeralds have been used in many cultures for adornment from beads to emerald set jewellery to the funeral masks of the Aztecs in South America. The ancient Romans believed that looking through an emerald would calm the eyes and heal eye infections and in some cases digesting emerald powder was said to relive the symptoms of certain illnesses. European Kings and Queens collected emeralds to symbolize how vast their empires had grown from the English turning to India & Africa, and the Spanish and Portuguese dividing up South America.

Emeralds are regarded as bringing good luck to the wearer and it is believed to enhance both creative and mental abilities. It is said to be calming and promote clear headedness and Emeralds are also believed to be a stone for lovers, representing a faithful and growing relationship.


Rubies are from the same gemstone family as sapphires, called corundum but only the red corundum is called ruby where all other colours are referred to as sapphires.

We work a lot with the Umba sapphires from Tanzania or smaller gemstones from Madagascar or Mozambique.

The ruby red colour is created by the element chromium and the name ruby can be traced back to the Latin word for red. The colour of rubies can vary between a dark red called ‘Pigeon’s Blood’ to lighter tones of red bordering on pink. Rubies will at times have inclusions like rutile needles which create either a cat’s eye or rayed star effect when the stone is cut as a cabochon.

Rubies are the second hardest stone on the Moh’s scale, this means it has the ability to scratch steel, topaz and all the stones below it on the scale, only a diamond will be able to scratch a ruby according to the scale. The hardness of the ruby makes it a wonderful choice for engagement rings and rubies have long been considered a romantic stone.

Rubies are said to enhance passion and romantic love and protect against heart aches and breaks. It is the stone chosen to celebrate the 40th wedding anniversary and it is believed that dreaming of a ruby symbolizes the arrival of unexpected guests.

Rubies have been mined in India, South Africa, Thailand, Sir Lanka, Kenya, Madagascar, and Tanzania along the Umba River, with some of the earliest mines every recorded in Burma.

In India, rubies are said to be connected with the sun and will give confidence to the wearer, they have also been called ‘RatnaRaj’ which translates to “King of Gems”. Rubies are truly magical stones, under ultra violet light they have been known to be fluorescent, burning bright red or orange, this is due to the chromium which give rubies its colour. Rubies have also been known to flash when being sawed or hammered. Perhaps it was this property which has given rise to the ancient belief that rubies contain an internal flame, strong enough to boil water or heat up a person’s hand when being held.